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Successful marketing is about standing out from the crowd. It is creating a compelling and engaging message that holds the attention of people and that is almost irresistible. It's tougher now than ever before to achieve this given the increasing competition as a dental practice and the overload of marketing messages to which people are exposed today.

This is why mySmileSim is such a powerful tool.

It is unique.
It is engaging.
And it can deliver an amazing ROI.


There are four distinct markets that you can target with mySmileSim.

  1. Your current, active patients who do not ask your opinion about the appearance of their smiles,
    may be timid about asking about cosmetic services or fear they will appear vain,
    assume that you would have already suggested all services available to them,
    have particular services in mind but are searching elsewhere as they are unaware you offer these specific services.
  2. Your inactive patient base: they may be transient in nature or are looking for a differentiating factor to help them decide where to go for dental services
  3. The local community around you: here is a world of potential new patients.
    Whether they become regular attenders or visit your practice just for their cosmetic work, managing all new patients with great service and wonderful treatment outcomes will generate referrals and positive word-of-mouth which all convert to higher new patient numbers for all your dental services.
  4. The online community: your followers on Facebook and Instagram and the networks available via your patients


You have many ways and media to promote your mySmileSim.

Send your mySmileSim code to your existing patient base and open up the cosmetic discussion.
Promote mySmileSim to your inactive patients as an enticement to return to your practice.

Post to your existing followers and encourage them to also share with their networks.
Use paid advertising to reach non-followers within a specific radius of your practice.

Display your customised poster in your waiting room so your patients can take their selfies on their smart phones while waiting to see you.

Most of us research a new dentist by reviewing their website, social media pages and Google Reviews. Be memorable by adding your mySmileSim QR code to your website home page and social media pages.

Use your unique QR code to gain attention within your local community through local newspapers and magazines.

Your practice will start to receive 'before' selfies from potential cosmetic cases soon. You want to be ready to manage these enquiries in a masterful fashion to achieve positive results and a high ROI.

Decide whether your practice will create the 'after' images using the intuitive simulation software or whether you forward to our bureau. If you choose to use the software, test out the software and become familiar with what is possible.
Discuss mySmileSim with your team and develop scripts on how to explain the process to patients and field questions.
Determine the length of your obligation-free consultations with patients so your team can schedule appointments immediately.
Identify how you are going to monitor your results and gather exact figures of the successful impact of mySmileSim in your practice.

mySmileSim has a suite of resources to help you achieve great results. Have a look at our template emails and letters, posters and promotion designs, all customised with your branding.

Join now for a no-risk trial period to see how valuable this tool can be for your practice!