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MySmileSim is a marketing magnet for dental practices that opens up productive conversations with new and existing patients producing more high-end cosmetic dental cases.

  • Amazing Return on Investment
  • No installaton or set-up fees
  • Minimal time-commitment required

You get a free, branded App that you can offer to patients which lets them take a 'selfie' and shows them how they could look once their smile concerns have been addressed. Do the simulations yourself or have our trained bureau do them for you.

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Want to grow your practice?

New Patients

Qualified high-end dental cases in your area, who have indicated that they want you to propose a treatment plan

Social Media

Get free exposure on Facebook and Instagram as people are encouraged to share their before/after photos

Quick Results

If you have seen other complex simulation programs that take ages to use, this is different


Economical monthly subscription. No lock-in period. Less than a cup of coffee per day


Here are some sample simulations created by MySmileSim

Free App to the Public
Directing patients to your practice

Get people enrolled in transforming their appearance via your cosmetic dentistry services.

Focussed funnel for generating new workflow

Very high conversion rate from qualified leads in your area.

Make People Happy
Get people smiling again

Once people see how they can look with a perfect smile, they do anything to make it happen.


Choose the plan that suits you, you can change at any time

All prices shown are ex-GST

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the patient doesn't book in?

People who have taken the time to engage with us, answer our survey and take their photo are clearly interested and so are likely to be receptive to hearing from your practice. If you have trouble getting in touch with a referred patient, please let us know and receive a credit for the next patient who we refer to you. If you do not accept another patient within the next 30 days then your fee will be refunded in full.

What if we can't deliver the result that is shown in the simulation?

You have visibility of what is sent to patients and can instruct us to do simulations in line with the services that you are comfortable to perform. There is a disclaimer with every photo explaining that it is an illustrative tool only and not a treatment plan, and that they should book a consultation with your practice to discuss their options fully.

If we do the simulations ourselves, is it complicated?

Our goal was to produce an intuitive, user-friendly online tool for you to do your own simulations. Most can be done in under a minute. There are online video tutorials of each feature in the software and a help line if you get stuck. Or you can use our bureau sample simulations for a nominal fee if you prefer.

If I subscribe, is there a lock-in period?

No, there is no lock-in period although we recommend giving the system at least 3 months to see maximum results. Please call us if you want to discuss ways to get more value out of your MySmileSim subscription.

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